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Coordinating Celebrations - A Professional Wedding Planner's Insight

Embarking on a journey of love and celebration, a wedding marks a significant chapter in the lives of couples. Behind the scenes, orchestrating the magic, lies the meticulous workings of a wedding planner. In this post we will be interviewing our very own Amber Huber, Owner of Enchanted Events, LLC as our Wedding Planner's Insight in this edition of the Professional Insight Q&A Series. Read more about how every moment is curated with passion, precision, and an unwavering commitment to making a couple's wedding dreams come true.

Q: Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background in planning?

A: My name is Amber Huber, a Certified Wedding Planner via New York Institute of Art & Design and I owner of Enchanted Events, LLC. In 2009 I moved from my hometown of Vienna, WV to Teays Valley to further my career in retail management, where I have spent 30 years planning sales events and community engagement within the retail industry.

While lots of experience came from my career, my love of planning came from themed birthday parties for my 3 children (2 biological and 1 by love, LOL.) When my baby brother came back from serving in Iraq, I realized my skills could translate to weddings when he surprised everyone with a 30-day notice that he was getting married. Over the years I have been casually asked by family/friends for assistance to plan events big and small which made me realize there was a real need in the area (state) for event/wedding planning services and in 2021 Enchanted Events began!

Q: How would you describe your planning style and approach?

A: I would say I am a very calm and methodical planner. I arrive knowing everything will fall into place. Before I walk into the weekend, I have a plan with everything that needs to be accomplished and the timeframe it needs to be done. As the day progresses, I usually rely the cause-effect method since most weddings are like dominos, in which one event triggers a series of similar events and it’s important to foresee the outcome in order to avoid any situations that will impact the overall goal. Direct wedding party participants are typically stressed and my role is to provide a relaxed, level-headed atmosphere where challenges are quickly resolved.

Q: How do you prepare yourself for a wedding?

A: I do a lot of preparation, but one of the most important ways is I get to know my brides. I aim to know them well enough to make conscious decisions on their behalf so they can enjoy every second of their day with minimal interruptions and decision making.

Q: How do you stay updated with the latest trends in weddings?

A: Social-media is a huge help. We follow several bridal pages to see what brides and others in the bridal industry are discussing. Tikok trends are popular at the moment and I know many of our brides have incorporated at least one thing into their special day that came from that platform.

Q: In challenging situations how do you ensure you still meet the brides vision?

A: Typically, during wedding weekends there are going to be some tough situations. Everyone you come in contact with (for the most part) wants the bride and groom to have the best day, that can lead to lots of opinions. First and foremost, I provide information on the why’s, it could be explaining how past and modern etiquette has evolved. Ultimately, you have to be the one to make sure the couple’s plan is executed. A last-minute change by a friend or family member could be devastating to the couple. I (and the EE team) welcome opinions, thoughts and ideas. We simply ask for bridal parties to understand the planner’s role is to advocate for the direction and plan laid out by the bride and groom. Yes, Moms and Dads, sometimes we have to say no to your request for a change on your kids’ big day.

Q: What advice would you give to a bride looking for a planner?

A: Do your research, there are so many “planners” starting businesses. Look at their presence on social media, inquiry for a consultation, read reviews and don’t be afraid to reach out to their previous clients. Understand the role of the planners/coordinators and determine your stressors or what tends to trigger you to be overwhelmed. These are some of the things your planner may circumvent as they start to arise.

Q: As a planner what is some of the most important information for a bride to share with you?

A: One of the biggest is family dynamics. As I walk into your rehearsal, I don’t know any of your friends and family. There are lots of emotions flowing and people can get on edge quickly and if I know ahead of time, I can be prepared to provide more information or walk through the process in-depth to assist with anxieties or understanding the plan.

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