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5 Things You Can Provide To Your Wedding Professional To Make Your Day Better

We know there are A LOT of details that go into a wedding and letting your wedding professionals in on all the details can help you avoid extra stress, provide clear expectations, personalization and much more. Here are the 5 things you should share with your professionals.

1. Share your wedding vision with your wedding professionals

A wedding vision statement is a brief description of the overall look, feel, and atmosphere you want to create for your wedding. It serves as a guiding document for your vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page. It should include your colors, your vibe/theme (romantic, fairy tale, modern, classic, etc.) and how you want your guest to feel when the are at your wedding.

2. Tell them about any family or bridal party dynamics you would like avoid Family dynamics can play a significant role in weddings, as they bring together not only the couple but also their respective families. While weddings are joyous occasions, they can also sometimes bring to the surface complex emotions and relationships. While your wedding professionals are not therapists it can be helpful for them to know that your Mom has a different vision than you or your sister doesn't like your taste in music and may try to convince the DJ to change your introduction song. The professionals are your advocates and what to ensure your day is how you envisioned. They can assist in being the one who says this is what the bride agreed to so I can't change it without her knowledge automatically giving you an extra vote for your plan and providing a pause for the requestor to decide if they want to include you while you are getting your hair and make up.

3. Complete questionnaires (requested information) in a timely manner Completing wedding questionnaires or providing requested detail information is imperative for several reasons, as they help you communicate your preferences, needs, and vision to your wedding professionals. These questionnaires serve as valuable tools for ensuring that your vendors understand your expectations and can deliver the best possible service to make your wedding day truly special. Generally you will have them with you entertainment, wedding planner, photographer, but you may have a few more depending on if the professional completes them during your initial meeting or have you complete separately.

4. Consider your professional's expertise and incorporate their guidance

Listening to your wedding professionals is an important aspect of planning a successful and enjoyable wedding. These professionals have valuable expertise and experience in their respective fields, and their insights can help guide you toward making informed decisions and creating a memorable wedding day. Selecting the right professionals can help you work together and devise a plan that provides your vision in the most efficient way, plus they may have some great ideas that you never thought about.

5. Respect and follow timelines/deadlines In essence, timelines and deadlines provide structure, organization, and predictability to your wedding planning journey. They help you manage tasks, communicate effectively, and ensure that all aspects of your wedding come together flawlessly. It is also budget friendly, last minute changes can be a costly mistake, if the professional has to order items on rush or designate another team member to assist. By honoring deadlines, you set the stage for a beautiful and stress-free wedding celebration.

We hope you have enjoyed the Professional's Insight Q&A series. Next up for September: The Finer Elements series...want to know how to select a cake, flowers, stationary, etc. this series will focus on all the details that make your wedding unique.

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